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VISCOOP implemented a fast internet broadcasting through a simple interface. You can become an Internet star creators through innovative VISCOOP Live app.

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01. About app Innovative LIVE APPS

Not only Android, but also PC and MAC can broadcast. Viewers can sponsor VISKER through virtual gifts and heart items.


Simple Interface


Easy to use


Fun and Happy Communication


Fast Response

02. Our benefits One time use — Use forever

You can easily find and search for broadcasters that broadcast on a variety of topics such as games, communication, food, education, beauty, and more.

Look for your favorite
Broadcaster easily

You can easily find and search for broadcasters that broadcast on a variety of topics such as games, communication, food, education, beauty, and more.

Many different functionality for
easy broadcasts set up

Make your broadcasts cool with a variety of broadcast controls.


All your broadcasts distribute to
global social service

All your broadcasts will be streamed simultaneously to YouTube and TwitchTV, facebook.

Offline screen recording
on Android

On Android 5.0 or higher devices, you can record your phone screen even when you are offline.

Share your broadcaster
with friends

You can easily share and promote your sponsored broadcasters to other friends on Facebook or Twitter.

high level of protection of
your personal data

VISCOOP keeps your broadcasts and personal information secure with high-security server management features.

03. Presentation Watch Our presentation

VISCOOP broadcasting method image using Android and OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).

05. Awesome features Show your Love

Chat messages and heart icons allow you to communicate with the broadcaster and express your love. And you can sponsor the broadcaster through virtual gifts. The sponsored virtual gift is transformed into a SCOOP, which is a great incentive for the broadcaster.

Speech Bubbles

Chat is the most basic act for a good relationship with the broadcaster. Use Speech Bubbles to effectively communicate these chats so you can communicate more effectively with your broadcaster.

Heart Item and Temperature System

Viewers can express their passionate love for the broadcaster as a heart item. It can give you one heart you own, or you can present more hearts to the broadcaster at once with more than 100 heart stacks. Broadcasters can convert hearts into a new item that can be purchased as a gift to viewers by switching to a temperature.

06. Why our app Various Broadcasting Function Support

VISCOOP provides various broadcasting functions. You can use almost all existing broadcasting functions such as radio broadcasting, camera broadcasting, screen broadcasting, broadcasting using PC and MAC by using Android app and PC. Simultaneous broadcasting offers the easiest way for all broadcasters to meet various viewers around the world at once.

Broadcast reservation function allows you to inform your audience about your broadcast schedule before broadcasting. Followers and managers can check the schedule of broadcast reservations and check schedule of broadcasts in advance.

From Android 5.0 devices and above, you can record screen with VISCOOP Android app only. You can record a variety of recordings to create or edit broadcasts as well as live broadcasts. For example, you can record game play or interview in advance.

VISCOOP offers the broadest variety of broadcast apps available. Radio broadcasting, camera broadcasting, and screen broadcasting support a variety of broadcasts in a single app, supporting the passion of the creative person and creating a more wonderful broadcasting culture.

VISCOOP combines simultaneous broadcasting service called VISCOOP HUB to provide simultaneous broadcasting function to all broadcasting stations free of charge. VISCOOP HUB provides fast and powerful server-side real-time distribution and simultaneous broadcasting function, which enables the broadcaster to broadcast simultaneously with Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Live House, AFREECA TV and TWITCH TV It is possible to send out.

10. FAQ Have some problems?

Do you have difficulty using VISCOOP? You may be able to resolve the problem first by checking the contents here.

Where can I start VISCOOP?

VISCOOP can be found on the Android Play Store, Apple App Store and on the web.

I am curious about the specifications that can broadcast VISCOOP.

Mobile: Supports radio broadcasts and camera broadcasts from Android 4.1 or higher devices, and supports screen broadcasts and screen recordings from 5.0+ devices. The iOS version of the service is currently not supported and is only available for viewing.
PC: i5 or higher CPU, RAM 4G or higher, 3D accelerated graphics environment support Over all broadcasts utilizing OBS software.

What is the content subject that can be broadcast in VISCOOP?

VISCOOP supports a creative and healthy broadcast culture. We allow broadcasting and topics in all environments using PC and mobile. However, if you broadcast a content topic that falls within the category of inappropriate content, you will be subject to sanctions by the monitoring team.

Can 360 video or VR broadcasting be available?

Yes, it is possible. However, the client environment should support 360 video and VR video, and it can be watched by clients such as VLC that support video streaming.

Login faq :: Sign up and login General questions

VISCOOP supports not only general membership but also membership through Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can follow the path that you are comfortable with.

Login faq 2 :: Non-login member purchase related

VISCOOP does not support direct purchases of non-logged-in members. You can use the broadcast and chat features through login.

Login faq 3 :: Can I change my nickname after login?

Our VISCOOP does not support nickname changes. For that reason, please be careful to fill out the initial information at the beginning of membership.

Broadcasting faq :: I want to broadcast a mobile game.

Currently, screen broadcasting and recording on mobile phones is supported from Android 5.0 or later devices. Android 4.1 ~ 4.4 models are supported by radio and camera broadcast mode. Also if you use PC or MAC, you can broadcast mobile games in high quality in a more professional environment by utilizing Android emulator such as NOX App Player, Blue Stack.

Broadcasting faq 2 :: I want to broadcast with high quality video streaming on mobile.

If you have a higher version of Android (for example, Galaxy S6 or higher), you can enjoy high-definition broadcasting with high quality settings. After running VISCOOP, select the top left menu, then select More, and select the highest quality from the Broadcast Quality setting item in the App Setting item to broadcast in FHD quality.

Broadcasting faq 3 :: What is a VISCOOP HUB? And I wonder how to use it.

VISCOOP HUB is a service that enables simultaneous broadcasting on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. On PC, you can use the service at In case of mobile, you can go to VISCOOP HUB section in More Android Apps to set up simultaneous broadcasting.

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Broadcasting faq 4 :: Can I turn off broadcast notifications?

Yes, you can set up your VISCOOP notifications settings in the app settings section below the More Menu section, where you can set up detailed reminder items, such as notifications of message, followers, and follow-ups in the Notification Settings area.

Privacy policy faq :: Why does VISCOOP have a Privacy Policy?

VISCOOP respects your privacy, and is committed to providing you with a positive experience on our website and APPS in your other interactions with us. We want you to be informed about what we do with personal information you share with us. The Privacy Policy explains our practices for handling personal information on- and off-line. If you provide us with personal information, we will treat it as outlined in the policy.

Privacy policy faq 2 :: How will I know if the Privacy Policy has been updated? and Where is the Privacy Policy located?

If we update our Privacy Policy, we will post the revised policy in this location and will post a notice in a prominent location on our website and mobile apps. The Privacy Policy will state when it was last updated.

Check Recently Policies

Privacy policy faq 3 :: What types of information does VISCOOP collect?

“Personal information” is information that can be used to identify you, including name, title, occupation, postal or physical address, telephone number, Mobile Number, e-mail address, and other information required to carry out a transaction, provide a service or deliver a product you have requested. We collect and store community discussions, chats, correspondence through our Sites and Mobile Apps and correspondence sent to us. We will not collect personal information from you if you have not given us your consent (approval) to do so. We will tell you why we wish to collect the personal information, and we will only use your personal information in the way and for the purposes we told you about when we collected it. We will not change the way in which your personal information is used unless we have your consent to do so. “Non-personal information” includes hardware configuration, computer or device characteristics and connection information such as browser type, version and timezone setting, operating system, and platform; the full Uniform Resource Locator (URL) clickstream to, through and from our websites and Mobile Apps including date and time; cookie number; and the products you viewed, searched or purchased.

Privacy policy faq 4 :: How does VISCOOP protect my personal information?

We appreciate your trust in sharing your personal information with us, and are committed to protecting it. We utilize a combination of industry-standard security technologies, procedures and organizational measures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

Privacy policy faq 5 :: What happens if a breach of security occurs and my information is taken?

Despite our efforts, there remains the possibility that information may be accessed, altered, disclosed, or destroyed due to a security breach. In the unlikely event of a breach of security, and we have a way and (if required) your permission to do so, we will notify you by email if your personal information was involved in any way.

Privacy policy faq 6 :: Does the Privacy Policy relate to all countries?

Yes, the VISCOOP Privacy Policy is applicable worldwide.

Privacy policy faq 7 :: What are cookies and does VISCOOP use them?

Cookies are small text files placed on your hard drive. We use cookies to personalize your online experience and improve our services to you. For example, cookies will remember the country or language preferences you selected on our web site. This saves you time, since you are not required to re-enter the same information each time you visit our site.

Support faq

We are waiting for your inquiries. Please send an e-mail to and we will be happy to respond.